Video tutorials are short educational clips that demonstrate to you exactly how to perform a specific task. If you have never had a site and the hosting realm is something new to you or in case you’ve changed companies and have never seen the new provider’s hosting Control Panel, such videos will be extremely handy and will help you get familiar with the tool, not to mention how much time you will spare. Without tutorial videos, you would have had to either test out the separate buttons within the Control Panel or read step-by-step help articles. In spite of the fact that you can still discover how to get things done all on your own, it would be substantially easier to watch an easy-to-understand video tutorial and then to just adhere to the instructions, eliminating any chance of making a mistake if a certain help article is not sufficiently intelligible.
Video Tutorials in Shared Website Hosting
All our shared website hosting packages offer a custom Control Panel, which is an astonishingly simple and intuitive to use, so you’ll have no problems doing anything you like. Nevertheless, we've compiled an extensive video repository where you can find a ton of instructional movies devoted to each Control Panel section and the options that you can access through it. If you wish to find out how to set up a new MySQL database or to switch to a different PHP version, for example, you can see the specific steps you have to follow. We’ve gone even further – we’ve prepared a number of tutorial videos too in order to give you a hint as to what access and error log files are, or what system load is, for instance. You can browse through all the available videos whenever you like, or you can see only the ones that are relevant to a specific section of the Control Panel.