Perl is a well-liked web-oriented programming language, that is designed to make CGI scripts as well as many different applications. It is very practical for the reason that you do not need to generate the same program code again and again in order to get some process executed several times, but you're able to use modules. These are pre-defined subroutines or sets of operations which can be called and executed inside a script. That is to say, you are able to include only a reference to a given module inside your code as an alternative to using the entire module code over and over again. This way, your script will be shorter, which means that it shall be executed much faster, not mentioning that it'll be much simpler to maintain or modify. When you wish to employ some third-party ready-made Perl script instead of writing your own, it'll probably need particular modules to be present on the website hosting server.
Over 3400 Perl Modules in Shared Website Hosting
All our Linux shared website hosting packages include more than 3400 Perl modules that you'll be able to use as a part of your CGI scripts or web-based apps. They contain both widespread and less popular ones, in order to give you a choice in terms of what functions you are able to add to your websites. Some examples are Apache::SOAP, CGI::Session, GD, Image::Magick, URI, LWP and a lot more. The full list accessible in the Server Information section of our custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with all of the shared accounts. In the same place, you can see the Perl version that we have and the path to the modules that you will have to use within your scripts in order to call a given module from the library.